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Crab Legs

September 22, 2011

I’m a Maryland girl. While I don’t live there anymore, I welcome any opportunity to indulge in Maryland-style meals. Crab legs and peel-n-eat shrimp are my favorites. After finishing the (above) crab legs, I realized I had forgotten to take pictures of bites of crab meat dripping in butter, the butter warmers, the mess of shells, etc. Honestly, when these suckers are placed on the table, the last thing I’m thinking about is taking pictures. I’m too busy cracking shells and wiping butter off my face.

To make the crabs, all you do is steam them for about 20 minutes. Remove them from the steaming pot and place them on a cutting board. I like to slice the legs from top to bottom before serving (saves you from doing that at the table). Melted butter is required–you can buy butter warmers at TJMaxx or Home Goods. I melt the butter in the microwave, then pour it into the warmers and light the votive to keep it warm.

Best Dinner Ever!

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