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Fresh Pasta

October 11, 2011

Making fresh pasta is easy–and once you get the hang of it, it’s even a fairly quick process (under 20 minutes). The difference between fresh pasta and the usual boxed pasta is incredible. The first time I tasted my homemade noodles, I vowed to never buy boxed pasta again–it was that good. (Of course I still used boxed pasta, but not nearly as often.) I use the hand-crank style pasta machine (this one). If you have the KitchenAid stand mixer, there is a pasta attachment that I hear is fantastic.

I use a basic recipe for my pasta. I’ve got it memorized so I don’t remember where I found it originally.

3 eggs, beaten

2-2¼ cups flour

Form a well with the flour and pour the eggs in the middle. Gradually add more and more flour to the eggs until it thickens up. Finish by kneading the eggs and flour for a few minutes. Form dough into 3 parts, and start sending it through your pasta machine. When your noodles are completed, you can cook them immediately, spread them out on a clean dishtowel and cook them later, or freeze them.

Add some salt and a bit of olive oil to the boiling water before putting the noodles in. They will cook very quickly–about 4 minutes.

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