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Recipe Organization

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

There’s something about the New Year that makes me want to get more organized.

One area where my current organizing system is really working for me is my cookbooks and recipes. I tend to tear a lot of recipes out of magazines and print recipes from websites. After I print or tear, I put them in a clear report cover and then into one of my two binders. The binders are organized by food categories (soups, drinks, appetizers, breakfast, dinners and desserts). One thing that makes this system work so well for me is that I always file the recipes right after I clip them.

All of my cookbooks and binders are kept in my pantry.  The ones that I use the most are front and center–the others are stacked up behind the more popular ones.

I also have an online folder for recipes. When I see a recipe online that interests me, I bookmark it. I only print recipes when I’m ready to make them. From time to time I’ll revisit all of the bookmarked recipes for inspiration–or delete them.

How do you organize your recipes?

Above: Favorite cookbooks, 2 binders filled with recipes, various recipes, handwritten recipe card from my Grandma, pantry shelf recipe/book storage

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