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Pizza Bobz

January 11, 2012

Where I came from, it was cool to eat school lunch until 6th grade. My elementary school had the BEST school lunches (or so I thought at the time). Steakums, cheeseburgers, steak nuggets, hot turkey lunch with instant mashed potatoes–those were definitely my “buy” days. My favorite lunch–Pizza Bobz. (Yes, that’s how they spelled it.) Those were the best sandwiches. They were loaded with pepperoni and gooey cheese. I make them all the time! Here’s how:


bread (the whiter, the better)

butter (lots)

red sauce

mozzarella cheese (shredded or sliced will work)


Heavily slather butter on one side of each bread slice. To assemble the inside of the sandwich: spread the red sauce on one slice, sprinkle with cheese and pepperoni. Put sandwich together and into a frying pan. Like a grilled cheese, cook over low-medium heat until both sides are golden brown and cheese is completely melted. Cover the pan with a lid to help the cheese melt.

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  1. Steph permalink
    April 22, 2013 5:00 am

    WOW! So glad you posted this recipe! My husband and I both loved pizza bobz when we were growing up in Canton, Ohio. I was just telling my 12 year old how highly anticipated and wonderfully delicious these things were…EVERYONE bought on pizza bobz day!

    • April 22, 2013 8:20 am

      Thanks! They must be an east/midwest thing. No one out here in CA has ever heard of them!

  2. Joshua Sophy permalink
    March 12, 2012 8:41 pm

    Where did you go to school? I ate Pizza Bobz but weren’t there two Zs? I’m thinking some Don Pepino would work well as the red sauce.

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