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Carrot Muffins

January 17, 2012

These carrot muffins might not be the prettiest muffins I’ve made, but I promise they are good! I was surprised at how moist they were–and how fast the entire batch disappeared!

I made a few changes to this recipe.


1 egg

¾ cup orange or apple juice (or combination of both)

½ cup melted butter

½ cup sugar, plus extra for dusting (optional)

2 cups flour

¼ cup ground flaxseed

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

2 cups shredded carrots (about 3 large carrots)

Preheat oven to 400. Beat egg in large bowl, then add juice, butter and sugar. Once combined, gradually add in all dry ingredients. Last, fold in the shredded carrots. Fill muffin cups just over halfway and lightly dust the tops with sugar. Bake for 15 minutes. Let muffins cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pan.

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