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Mashed Potatoes

March 27, 2012

Growing up, I always preferred instant mashed potatoes over the real ones. Whenever we had mashed potatoes at dinner, I had my own box of instant flakes that I made for myself. Okay, I’ll admit this potato preference lasted through college…

The mashed potatoes that I make today have come a long way from what I had growing up. That was a long time ago, and now I’ve mastered this side dish (with REAL potatoes!)–at least for my family. Here’s how I do it:




mascarpone (it melts in best if it’s at room temperature)


salt and pepper

Peel and cut potatoes into chunks, then boil them until tender. Drain and put back into the cooking pot. Add a splash of buttermilk and a heaping spoonful of mascarpone. Give everything a good mix (sometimes I use my hand mixer). Season with salt and pepper (I like extra pepper) and a few pats of butter. Mix. Add more buttermilk or mascarpone if needed. Serve immediately, or keep warm in an oven that’s set low (around 300 or below).

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