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Favorites: Lip Gloss

September 24, 2012

Let’s talk about something important, like lip gloss. Last week I was switching out my bags and realized that I was overflowing with lip gloss. Most of them I do use, but there were a few that I don’t like and never use them. I was going to throw them away, but I thought first I would share my favorites and the ones that I don’t like as much–to save your bag from looking like this!

L to R: Sephora, Rimmel, CoverGirl, Revlon. Top: L’Oreal

Lip Glosses I love:

Sephora Gloss: goes on smoothly, not sticky, lasting color and gloss, loads of color choices

Rimmel Stay Glossy: this a very close second to the Sephora, and only because there aren’t nearly as many color choices

Cover Girl WetSticks: this a pretty good one but the gloss doesn’t have the lasting power as the Sephora or Rimmel

Revlon Color Burst: at first I really liked this gloss, but have since purchased the Rimmel and Cover Girl. I don’t reach for this Revlon nearly as much now.

What I don’t love:

L’Oreal Infallible: goes on way too thick, feels sticky and quickly dries out. The worst part was picking dried up pieces of gloss off my lips. I used this once and never again.

Maybelline Superstay Color: Real Simple recommended this as the longest lasting color. The color does last a long time, but it’s very drying on my lips. It’s also a 2 step application which I didn’t like–first apply the color, let it dry, then apply the gloss. It’s not pictured because I threw it away, but it looks like this.

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