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How To: Wash Your Yoga Mat

December 13, 2012


I’ve been consistently practicing yoga for almost 4 years. In my first year, I went through 3 cheap mats because they were always slipping and peeling apart. I also made the mistake of  once buying a light-colored mat that quickly showed dirty looking marks from my hands and feet–which drove me absolutely batty.

I go to YogaWorks (locations in CA and NY) and my studio sells a lot of different mats in the boutique. I was lucky to be able to sample mats before choosing the one I wanted to purchase. My mat is by Jade Yoga and I would buy it again and again without hesitation. After 3 years, it still looks and feels brand new. It has just the right amount of cushion and never slips.

Every 6 weeks or so I give my mat a quick wash. Here’s what I do:

1. Use baby shampoo and a soft washcloth. Spread your mat out in a bathtub and lightly scrub each side and rinse.

2. Spread out 2 towels, lengthwise.

3. Lay your wet mat over the towels.

4. Roll it up.

5. While the mat is still rolled, stand on it to help squeeze out extra water.

6. Unroll, then hang your mat to dry. I hang mine over a railing, or you could hang it over a door.

*One of my first posts was about my favorite yoga gear. You can read it here.

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