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Macaron Disaster #2

February 19, 2013


I attempted macarons again this weekend. They didn’t turn out, but I am getting closer.  They weren’t an epic fail like the last time. And I think I know where I’m going wrong. After these didn’t turn out right, I found these video tutorials to be extremely helpful. My problem is mixing the egg white mixture with the dry ingredients–I have been undermixing. You can tell in the above photo–there are visible peaks from where I piped the batter onto the cookie sheet, which should have fallen back into the mixture, but didn’t.

I will keep trying–I used this recipe and I will stick with it. These tasted good (big improvement from the last time) and were chewy on the inside. I put some Nutella in the middle which is probably a crime using on a macaron. Ultimately these will be a salted caramel macaron, but I’m waiting on the caramel filling until the cookies improve.


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