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Twice Baked Potatoes

April 1, 2013


I always have a stash of twice baked potatoes in my freezer. I keep them in a freezer safe tupperware type dish or freezer zip locs, and they will stay fresh for weeks. Mine never seem to last that long, though.

Here’s how to make them–

Wash and dry potatoes, then prick them with a fork several times on each side. Place potatoes in a 400° oven for about 40 minutes. They are done when they feel soft and you can easily cut through them. Let them cool for 10-15 minutes (they need to be cool enough for you to handle them). Slice them in half, lengthwise, and scoop out the insides into a medium size bowl. Leave a little potato against the edges, or the skin can tear. At this point, you can mix anything in that you like. Above, I used butter, salt, pepper, minced garlic, sour cream, shredded cheese. Give it a good mix, then scoop it back into the potato skins. (I tend to overstuff them and almost always end up with an empty potato skin.)

If you’re planning to freeze them, make sure they are completely cooled before placing them in the freezer. Later, when you are ready to use them, remove them from a freezer a few hours before you reheat. Bake at 350° until they are heated throughout.

If you’re baking them immediately, bake them at 350° for about 10 minutes, until they are reheated.

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