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Favorites: For the Gym

April 24, 2013


My most favorite type of exercise is (and has been for a long time) yoga. I love a good “flow” class. However, last fall I tried something new to do in addition to my yoga classes–SPINNING. The first class was torture. Okay, all the classes I take torture me, but I feel so proud of myself when I finish. Recently I started to wear a heart rate monitor (pictured above) which helps me work out much more efficiently. Before I had the heart rate monitor, I was always confused when my spin instructor would call out, “you should be at 70% of your max right now…” and I would never what that was or what it felt like. Now, with the monitor, when my instructor calls out the heart rate cues, a simple glance down at my watch lets me know if I’m pushing myself enough. If you take spinning classes and don’t have a heart rate monitor to wear, I highly recommend getting one. Plus, it looks super cute and is totally addicting to check during class–I check mine constantly.

Here are some of my favorite pieces to wear before/during/after working out:

1. Hardtail Tank

2. Athleta Peace Top

3. Athleta No Sweatin’ It Capri (I probably wear these way too much)

4. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

5. Athleta Relay Capri (I also have the Quickstep capri which is currently out of stock. I hope it comes back so I can order another pair!)


Calorie count after spinning class (spinning works!), Athleta Quickstep relay capri

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