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Summer Sandals Under $50

May 21, 2013

Summer Sandals

I was talking with a friend recently and we were joking about some of our fashion pet peeves. Hers? People who wear rubber flip-flops to places other than the beach or pool. We were on the phone 3 time zones away from each other, but it’s like she could see me and was totally calling me out on this fashion crime. How did she know I had worn those rubber flops all around town that morning? (I quickly kicked them off as I agreed with her about how awful they are.) So busted. Yes, I am guilty of wearing those a little too often. My excuse? Pure laziness. I cannot be bothered with straps, buckles, laces–I just jam into my rubber flops and I’m good to go. Well, there are much cuter options that are just as easy to slip on as those flops (pictured in the middle,above). And really, how long does it take to buckle a strap or two?

Now, whenever I’m tempted to wear them I think of my friend and what she would say to me if she caught sight of me.

I found 10 options for flat sandals (and a few pairs of nice leather flops) so take the flip-flop challenge with me and keep those rubber ones at the pool!

1. Reef Creamy Leather (I own these and love them)

2. Lauren Alexa

3. Coconuts All About

4. Mossimo Falk (I own these and they slip on–I don’t buckle)

5. Target Lavada

6. Target Elba (I just purchased these and there’s a back zipper so I don’t bother with the buckle–just slide on! They also come in black and I’m tempted to go back for them.)

7. J.Crew Factory Metallic Ice

8. J.Crew Tortoise Capri

9. Loft Vaughn

10. Zara Basic

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