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Current Favorites

June 7, 2013

photo-411. This laundry detergent is the best. Norwex is highly concentrated and filler-free, and it doesn’t leave any residue on your clean clothes. I only need to use 1-2 tsp of soap in each load. It gets all stains out–I have 2 young boys which makes for some pretty dirty clothes to wash! I love it the most for bath towels–they never get that stinky mildew smell when I’m using Norwex. Give this stuff a try, it’s worth the special order.

2. Aveeno body lotion with spf 30. This stuff smells so good! It’s perfect for when I need sun protection (which is all the time, here in sunny CA) but don’t want to slather on actual sunscreen.

CeraVe daily facial moisturizer with spf 30. I was reluctant to try it (but my friend insisted) because my face usually stings and burns when I try new sunscreens, but I am loving this gentle moisturizer. (I still use the Clinique Super City spf for the pool/beach.) I use this every morning, and then apply my tinted moisturizer over it.

3. I always take some sort of women’s daily vitamin (currently it’s the Trader Joes one) and recently I picked up a bottle of Biotin* at Whole Foods. Biotin is for skin and hair health.

4. I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos, and this one by Batiste is my new favorite. I got it at Ulta. It comes in travel sizes as well, which I’ll definitely be picking up for our upcoming travels.

*I’m not a medical expert, so always check with your doctor before taking new vitamins

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