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Quick Fixes

June 13, 2013


1. Recently I posted about our new master bathroom, and mentioned how one of the drawers in our new vanity wouldn’t stay closed. It was driving me absolutely batty! My husband had the genius idea to use small magnets to fix it. They work perfectly and you would never know they are there. (We used these.)

2. I’ve posted before about treating myself to one iced coffee a day (I cold brew it, seen here). Even though it’s always refrigerated, it still gets watered down pretty quickly with regular ice cubes. I made coffee ice cubes and no longer have a watery tasting treat. Problem solved!

3. I use my stand mixer pretty frequently, and needed a better solution for storing the attachments. I was stuffing them in an overhead cabinet that hides our exhaust fan piping, and the attachments were always getting tangled and piled up on each other–totally annoying. They were so crammed in that small space that they would even fall out when I opened the cabinet. I solved this problem by hanging some sticky Command hooks on the inside wall of that same cabinet, getting them up and off the bottom. Now they hang perfectly and are tangle-free!

4. My kids love bacon, but making it can be kind of a pain–I don’t love the flying grease and stinking up my kitchen every time I make it. To solve this problem, I now cook it in the oven. I line my biggest baking sheet with foil, then place 2 baking racks on top. (I love using the racks because the bacon doesn’t sit in a puddle of grease while it cooks.) Place the bacon on the racks in a single layer, and bake at 350° until it’s nice and crispy. The first time I cooked it in my oven I was worried it would splatter grease all over the inside, but it didn’t. I cook an entire pack at once, refrigerate any leftovers and then warm them in the microwave for a quick school morning breakfast.

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