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Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberry Swirl

July 26, 2013

Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberry Swirl

I know I probably say this about every ice cream recipe I post, but you’ve GOT to make this. It is so creamy and I can’t get enough of it. Next time I make this I am going to freeze the ice cream in a graham cracker crust–it would make an amazing ice cream pie. When it comes to the swirl (which is a must) you could use raspberry, blueberry, peach, cherry–any fruit you have on hand.

Ingredients: (recipe from Cuisinart recipe booklet)

12 oz cream cheese, room temperature

1 cup sugar

pinch of salt

¼ cup mascarpone, room temperature

1 cup whole milk (2% is fine too)

2 tsp vanilla

¼ cup sour cream

1 pint strawberries (or other fruit of your choice)

fresh lemon juice from ½ lemon

1 tbsp sugar

In a large bowl (or stand mixer) cream the cream cheese, sugar and salt until smooth. Add the mascarpone, milk and vanilla. Fold in the sour cream and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (or up to overnight).

Freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker. While it’s freezing, puree the strawberries in a blender with the sugar and juice from half a lemon. You might need to add a bit of water to get the blender going.

Transfer ice cream to a container (I used a loaf pan) and add the strawberry puree a little bit at a time. use a knife to swirl it into the ice cream. Cover and freeze for a few more hours before serving.


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