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Blog Lovin’

September 16, 2013


Blog Lovin’ has totally changed the way I read my favorite blogs. I used to bookmark each one and save it in a folder (food blogs, fashion, etc.). It took a lot of clicking around to get through my list of favorites. Now, I use Blog Lovin’ which makes reading my favorite blogs much easier because they’re all in one place together. It’s simple to set up, but takes a little time initially as you have to add in the blogs you want (you can add any blog). I’ve also discovered a lot of new blogs to follow by looking through their “popular blogs and posts” categories.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 7.34.37 AM

This is a screen shot of my Blog Lovin’ homepage from this morning. On the far right you can see a partial showing of my blog list with the number of unread posts for each. If I don’t want to read through my entire list, I can click on each blog specifically. I usually read through my blogs all mixed up by the time they were posted. To get started, I will click on my very top blog post by Dinner A Love Story, the entire post will show (no “click to continue reading”) and from there I will keep reading through my blog roll.

Go sign up and be sure to add Culinary Style to your list of favorites!


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  1. September 17, 2013 7:57 am

    very cool, em — kinda like ‘flipboard’ for getting one’s daily dose of the wider world 🙂

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