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Slip Proof Rug

September 24, 2013

Recently I got 2 new 2×3 rugs for my kitchen–one for under my sink and the other for our sliding door that leads to the backyard. I got these from Ballard–they are indoor/outdoor rugs, which means I can hose them down with soap but also means they aren’t super soft under my feet. Because they’re both in very high-traffic areas, I would choose being able to wash them over a super soft rug any day.

One thing that drove me crazy was that they were very slippery on my wood floors, even with a sticky (and brand new) rug pad underneath. Every time I walked into the kitchen, the rug looked like this:


The rug pad always stayed in place, but the rug was constantly slipping off the pad! I remembered this pin (from Martha Stewart) about putting lines of acrylic-latex caulk on the back of slippery rugs, so I thought I’d give it a try.


I got the caulk (and gun thing) at Home Depot and got to work. It couldn’t have been easier. After drying both rugs for a few hours, I put them back down in the kitchen and put them to the test (still using the rug pad underneath). The rug by the sliding door worked perfectly, no slipping! But for some reason, the one by the kitchen sink just wouldn’t stay put. I added more caulk lines, but it still wouldn’t stay in place and was always sliding off the rug pad.

Guess what I ended up doing?

I hot-glue-gunned the rug pad to the back of the rug. (Just around the edges was all it needed.)

Problem solved!

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