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Classic Apple Pie

October 21, 2013

Classic Apple Pie-2

We all have our go-to spots for recipes. Maybe it’s your favorite blog, cookbook or even Pinterest? I’ve got 3 places I initially search for a recipe before I look anywhere else. Here they are:

1. Anything from Ina. I’ve got a few of her cookbooks that I’ll hunt through, or I look at her recipes online at Food Network.

2. Smitten Kitchen. Everything I’ve made from this blog is fantastic, it’s never let me down and there is such a huge archive of recipes to look through. Now I just need the cookbook!

3. Dinner: A Love Story. I know, I refer to this wonderful blog and cookbook a lot, but everything is always so good! I make their pork ragu once a week!

So, when I wanted to make a classic apple pie, I searched through Ina’s recipes and used hers. I followed it exactly (I even made the crust!) and it did not disappoint. The pie and crust recipe are online here. Enjoy!

Classic Apple Pie

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