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Cranberry Cake

December 11, 2013

Cranberry Cake

I made this cranberry cake about a week ago and have been too busy to even sit down at my computer to post it. (It will probably be January before I’m back to regular posting.) This is a perfect holiday treat, and would be a delicious homemade gift for friends, family or neighbors. I baked mine in a springform pan, but you could also make it into a loaf (best if you’re using it as a gift) or even muffins. It’s not too sweet, so even my husband (who does not like sweets) likes this. The kids have been enjoying it in their school lunches and I’ve been eating it for breakfast (funny, since my last post was on a nice healthy smoothie and protein breakfast) all week. This cake is since long gone, and I will definitely be making another one while I can still get my hands on fresh cranberries at the store.

You can find the recipe here–I’m betting that if you have cranberries, you could make this right now.

Cranberry Cake-2

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