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January 2, 2014


Yesterday I wrote about our 3 Day Eating Challenge–3 days of no processed foods, red meat, cheese, alcohol, coffee, etc. We are starting Day 2 and feeling good! I’ve been drinking a lot juice and snacking on almonds between meals. Last night for dinner we had salmon and lentils, which was delicious.

Here are a few of my favorite juices that I’ve been making since I got my juicer for Christmas:

Pictured above on the left: orange (2), beet (1), pear (1) and apple (2).

On the right: grapefruit (1), cucumber (half), orange (1)

Green Juice

Green juice: spinach (2 handfuls), kale (6 stems), apple (2), lemon (half) and celery (4 stalks). This one was a little heavy on the celery, I think next time I wouldn’t add as much.


This one will really satisfy a sweet craving: orange (2), pineapple (a couple of chunks), carrot (4) and lemon (half).

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