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Maryland Crab Soup

February 7, 2014

Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup

This soup is almost as good as the real thing–and by the real thing, I mean ordering this soup off the menu of any seafood restaurant in Maryland (preferably with the Chesapeake Bay in view). But this recipe is a pretty close second. Next time I make crab soup, I’m going to make Cream of Crab, because I can never decide which I like better.

I used this recipe (via Pinterest) and changed only a few things. Instead of lima beans I used green beans and also added potatoes. You can use any vegetables that you like–the more the better, as this is a hearty soup. Old Bay seasoning is a must–don’t use a knockoff version (I added an extra tablespoon too). When buying crab meat, I buy it in the refrigerated section near the seafood department. I have the best luck finding it at Whole Foods or Costco. Lump or backfin will do, I used a can of each for this soup.

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