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Disaster: Tiramisu

March 14, 2014


Tiramisu is one of my favorite  restaurant desserts–if I see it on the menu, I will order it every time. I’d never made it at home, so I figured it was time to give it a try. I had such high hopes–the mascarpone mixture was tasting so good as I mixed it and I used less rum than the recipe called for to keep it from tasting too strong. After assembling (which took no time at all) I let it set overnight before cutting into it and serving.

What a disaster it was. The look on my kids’ faces when they bit into it–poor things, it tasted like straight rum. The bottom layer of ladyfingers was absolute mush because it was so over-saturated by the rum/espresso mixture. I could kind of get used to the heavy rum flavor, but the mushy texture was just awful.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the tiramisu after I cut into it–to show you the pool of liquid on the bottom on the pan. Sadly, this entire pan went into the trash, which was such a disappointment.

I’m not giving up–I’ll look at other recipes and be more careful of my rum:espresso ratio for the next attempt. Wish me luck!

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